Friday, December 21, 2007

Holiday Reflections

With about 17 months of experience under my belt, I might have a handle on this blog thing now. Real life gets in the way more often than I would like (who doesn’t have that problem?). I used to kick myself when I couldn’t get a tournament update posted or didn’t comment on a hot topic because I hadn’t heard about it until days after the rest of the Internet had already finished the discussion.

What I finally realized is this – I’m not working for FOX News or CNN, trying to scoop the web competition. I’m documenting my trip through LPGA fan-dom and letting the world eavesdrop on it. Someday I may tire of it – a trait my brother and I both shared is where we eat-sleep-breathe a hobby or interest until we exhaust it entirely – but at this point I don’t see that coming. As long as the ladies keep playing golf, there should be plenty of topics to discuss and numbers to crunch.

I certainly would have quit writing months ago if not for the realization that there were folks out there reading along. Thanks to Paul W and the Squire (of Golf Babes fame), I kept on recapping tournaments and ranking players. Because of that encouragement, I was rewarded with responses from the Constructivist (who wins my 2007 Most Comments Award), Sergio, Galley, Bill Roberts (who
is somewhat deluded about the quality of my work), Firstbase31, Brian, Les Puryear, Cath, the Florida Masochist, Doug, Cannuck, Albert, James, Jim McGee as well as Don and Carol Thompson. Hopefully I haven’t missed anybody – it’s a unique and pleasant feeling to check your site in the morning and discover “Somebody commented!! And they aren’t telling me what an idiot I am!!”.

To all of you guys (and you “silent” readers too) - thanks for visiting the site, have a great holiday season and a Happy New Year!


Bill Roberts said...

You where bang on about Ashley Hoagland's new married name.
She is getting married in December to her boyfriend of six years, Baylor medical student Forrest Johnston. The couple plans to reside in Texas.
"case closed"

The Constructivist said...

Hound Dog, thanks for the virtual award, although you may want to rename it "pestiest commenter." Good work on the Ashley Hoagland Johnston thing to you and Bill. Have a great new year and a great "08!

firstbase31 said...

Wow, I am so honored that you mentioned me on your blog!!! Happy Holidays and keep up the great work!!