Friday, May 30, 2008

Ginn Tribute Friday II

Soo-Yun Kang came to 17 at -5 T8 and rolled in a 20-footer to reach -6. The sun came out and it's now officially Hot.

The bleachers here at 17 were almost packed - until Annika's group went through. About 30 of us hanging out now.

530pm - spent six hours on the course today. We stayed at 17 until Grace's group came through, then followed them to the clubhouse. No paycheck for Grace this week, I'm afraid.

Stopped by the driving range and noticed Brittany Lincicome working over on the far left side, away from the spectators. Nobody around had any more info on her WD and (as I mentioned last night) I wasn't about to pry.

Cruised over to the first tee and Michelle McGann was waiting to get started (around 1:50). Figured I'd give her group nine holes worth. She was alongside Marisa Baena and Sarah Kemp. Michelle started great - burned the hole at 1 to settle for par, then birdies at 2 and 3 (both from at least 12 feet). I thought about asking her where she found the great putter. Her mom and dad were following her on scooters, with about three or four other supporters besides me. A nice par save at 4 kept things going but bad luck struck at 6 - her approach landed less than ten feet from the pin but spun back toward the front of the green. Michelle wound up three-putting for bogey when she lipped out from four feet. At the 9th she missed the fairway left, layed up safely but put her third into a steep greenside bunker. It took two shots to get out of jail and two putts later, she had double-bogey and 37 going out.

As the afternoon wore on, the clouds returned and the breeze picked up a bit (probably up to about 15mph). Nobody I saw had any problems making it stick on the greens at any point today. Rough between 1 and 1.25 inches.

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