Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Annika makes it official

From her website:


She refers to it as "stepping away from competitive golf". I don't know if that completely excludes her from playing the occasional major, but she doesn't use the word "retirement" at all. Just sayin'...

Thanks to TC for the link.

As of 2:13pm EDT, lpga.com still doesn't have any mention of the event. Strange, huh?

This item from ESPN.com quotes her at her news conference as saying "I'm leaving the game on my terms". Sounds like "retirement" so I'll shut up about that now.

2:19pm - still no item on lpga.com, but their ticker of USA Today golf stories headlines it. It gets even stranger...

Don't bother checking Geoff Shackelford's site about it. He should have taken the lpga.com approach.

2:35pm - From lpga.com.

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The Constructivist said...

Shackelford's made up for it with a good clippings post....