Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Do I need to add two more to my list?

I saw Geoff Shackelford's link to this article early this morning, but only read his excerpts from it. The GNN blog highlighted a different section which, while Ryan Ballengee was referencing it due to its effect on the PGA and Champions Tours, actually has a larger effect on the LPGA:

Ginn Resorts, which is title sponsor of a Fall Series event and this week's Champions Tour event in Palm Coast, is experiencing financial problems.

With its name on two high-dollar LPGA events, what will Ginn's problems in the plummeting real estate marketing do to next year's schedule?


Ryan Ballengee said...

As you mentioned, I talked about the impact on the PGA Tour, but Ginn definitely is heavily vested in two major LPGA events. The Tribute is particularly troubling because the event struggled last year in attendance (although bad weather is an issue). Beth Daniel has been brought in as an honoree this year of the event in the hopes that her local ties will help in promoting the event. What good would that do, though, if there is no ability from Ginn to sponsor the event?

The Constructivist said...

Refresh my memory--isn't Annika the host of one of the Ginn events? If so, I'd predict that one stays but the other one will be in search of sponsorship....

Hound Dog said...

Annika hosts the Tribute, the event in Charleston that I'm going to at the end of May. As Ryan alludes to, that event is revealing its concern for the future by importing Daniel to help boost attendance. The gallery size isn't helped by the weekend weather problems that both Ginn events suffered in 2007. A rainy Saturday at the Tribute and near-hurricane winds on Sunday at the Open surely kept patrons away.

Something tells me that if/when Ginn pulls out it will be a complete break, not just one event.

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