Friday, June 01, 2007


I feel compelled to amend my comments this morning on the Michelle Wie debacle at the Ginn Tribute. Mulligan Stu at the Waggle Room posted some very wise comments this morning along with a link to an article at by Eric Adelson.

Obviously Team Wie was aware of the 88 rule. The point of whether it was Carolyn Bivens' or any LPGA official's responsibility to personally inform them of this can be argued another time, along with the controversy regarding her father giving strategy advice during the round.

I believe Michelle when she said she wasn't thinking about the rule while her round was unraveling. I believe she was first told about the rule by her entourage after completing hole 7 (her 16th) and they all agreed to withdraw due to "injury". Otherwise, her statement to Kay Cockerill about getting back on the practice range Friday makes no sense - if she actually tweaked the wrist, practicing will only make it worse.

The more stuff I read about Michelle Wie, the sadder I get. The potential tragedy of this great talent being wasted by greed and mis-management draws nearer every day. Folks, take this young lady back to Hawaii, let her graduate with her high school class this weekend and spend the summer relaxing like the teen she is, and make preparations for her entry into Stanford. Lead the Cardinal golf team to a championship or two and then re-start the pro career. Follow the Tiger.

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Galley said...

That sounds like great advice to me!