Friday, June 15, 2007

2007 Favorite Women Golfers

Last August I compiled a list of my ten favorite players and figured that once a year I would update that list. I like a lot more than just ten players so some very nice ladies are going to get left out, including some who made it in last time. If your favorite isn’t here, don’t fret too much – I probably like her too, just not as much as these:
#1 Grace Park
If you’ve read more than a handful of my posts, you shouldn’t be surprised at #1. Grace has played eight of the thirteen tournaments so far, and I’ve seen her a couple of times during telecasts. She was sporting that Big-Billed Visor during one of those sightings. Nearly grabbed a Top 10 at Corning, but she’s still working on her consistency. Most weeks that Old Demon 77 (or worse) jumps up and bites her once or twice. I get the feeling that by the end of the summer, she may be contending again – hopefully that’s not just wishful thinking.

#2 Mi Hyun Kim
One word – generosity. Peanut was already one of my favorites with her pigtails, putting, short stature and her use of fairway woods on virtually every approach shot. But her generosity to the people of Greensburg, Kansas showed me that she’s a super human being as well.

#3 Paula Creamer
The more I have watched them (and they both are on camera A LOT), the more I have come to realize that I find Paula Creamer more attractive than Natalie Gulbis. I’m not sure if it’s because Gulbis seems to be everyone else’s sex kitten, or Creamer hasn’t posed for a bikini-shoot so she projects a more chaste image, or that Natalie’s career hasn’t been as successful, or that Paula sometimes seems just barely legal…They both have that head-dipping motion in their swing so I regard them as being form-linked.

#4 Natalie Gulbis
Not that there’s anything wrong with Natalie. Aside from her most prominent features, the girl’s got legs that ZZ Top would admire.

#5 Se Ri Pak
Her recent qualification for the Hall Of Fame prompted at least one column comparing Se Ri with such giants of the game as Jones, Palmer and Nicklaus. She may not have been solely responsible for the Asian golf explosion for women and men alike, but she absolutely accelerated and magnified it. Marry that accomplishment to a humble and gracious person and you get a player to truly admire.

#6 Brittany Lincicome
From all accounts Brittany is a wonderful person to everyone she meets, from the tv interviewer to the tournament volunteers. She will probably always have to watch her weight, but she’s one of those “Big Girls” who isn’t quite “too big”.

#7 Shi Hyun Ahn
A player who doesn’t get much attention – for reasons you can probably guess – but as you see, she deserves at least a little bit of yours.

#8 Christina Kim
You always know where Christina is coming from. Frankly, I’m surprised more of the media haven’t adopted her as their Designated Quote Factory whenever they need an opinion on anything.

#9 Morgan Pressel
This pick probably surprises you. Any golfer who wears her emotions on her sleeve like Morgan is going to be either on or near this list (like #8) because…I suppose it’s got something to do with the fact that I’d rather KNOW what a woman is thinking as opposed to what I might GUESS she is thinking. Morgan has to be careful, though. She’s getting a tremendous amount of airtime and yelling at every shot could eventually wear thin (think “Maria Sharapova”).

#10 Michelle Wie
Despite the recent negative press (along with my own negative comments) and the fact that she’s still not 18 years old, I can’t dismiss Michelle’s talent or her striking physique.


The Constructivist said...

I assume you'll already be contributing to the first Take Your Blog to the Course week at Mostly Harmless for the U.S. Women's Open, but was wondering if you'd help promote it with your readers, too!

Hound Dog said...

I doubt I'll have much to offer. I'll be out of town the entire US Open week (blame the wife for the bad scheduling!) and will probably be hard pressed to watch any action or post anything of value. Of course I will be toting the laptop just in case of rainy days.

To confirm, you want people to send you links to any US Open-related material?