Monday, August 07, 2006

My Favorite Women Golfers

Here is that “artistic”, non-statistical post I was promising you awhile back. You can’t be a fan of any sport without having favorites that you root for, as well as others that you root against. Ladies, please humor my observations – I am neither a sexist pig nor a stalker. I am, however, dangerously close to "dirty old man" territory. This article is merely a collection of notes by an avid fan of women’s golf detailing one facet of that fan-dom.

#1 Grace Park

At the very moment I got hooked watching women play golf week-in week-out, Grace Park was in the Top Ten virtually every week. The Asian girl with the big-billed visor, sly seductive smile, and beautiful swing really won me over. When she won the 2004 Nabisco and jumped into the lake, it gave me chills. I got to see her up close this past April at the tournament in Atlanta. On the 3rd hole on Friday, her tee shot landed in some pine straw under a group of trees. From about ten feet away from me, she played her second perfectly over the cart path, between the trees and landed just short of the creek running in front of the green. Despite my vocal support of “Nice shot Grace!”, she then proceeded to double-bogey that hole and went on to miss the cut. She hasn’t played too well the last couple of years – injuries and a rumored case of burnout have kept her out of the spotlight. When she starts playing again, hers will again be the first name I look for on the leaderboard.

#2 Natalie Gulbis

I’m a heterosexual male, so you already know why I like Natalie Gulbis.

#3 Seon Hwa Lee

The odds-on favorite to win Rookie Of The Year for 2006, she likes wearing short shorts. I like the fact that she likes wearing short shorts. Not a bad putter, either.

#4 Michelle Wie

I know I have a very thin line to walk here so I’ll be careful. She sure LOOKS like she’s 18…

#5 Christina Kim

If she’s not the most extroverted player on the LPGA Tour, she’s very close. When she’s playing well (and sometimes when she’s not), an absolute hoot to follow around the golf course. Lost a bunch of weight over the past off-season so she’s become rather pleasant to look at, as well.

#6 Paula Creamer

The only thing that keeps Paula from being higher on my list is her tendency to visibly pout after hitting a poor shot or getting a bad bounce. She may not actually be pouting but her facial expression certainly says “pouting”. Otherwise I really enjoy watching her, especially when she gives her hips that little wiggle right before she takes the club back.

#7 Se Ri Pak

If you are a leg-man (and if you’re not, why DO you watch women’s golf?), you should really like Se Ri. The most powerful, well-toned thighs on tour. If Seon Hwa or Jeong Jang could ever get her to try the short shorts…wow!

#8 Brittany Lincicome

Brittany is a beautiful blond 20-year-old from Florida who could probably kill me with a well-placed wrestling hold. Not that I’m into that kind of stuff…

#9 Erica Blasberg
“Who” you ask? Erica is a 22-year-old second-year player from California who has only won $80,000 in a year-and-a-half on tour. Doesn’t matter, she’s a real cutie.

#10 Mi Hyun Kim

Yes, I know this list has a large Asian presence. No, my wife is not Asian! Although I’m not sure why… The one they call Peanut is a very beautiful petite lady who while she plays likes to wear her hair in pigtails instead of the common ponytail. No, I don’t have a pigtail fetish.

So there you have it. I’m not all statistics and analysis, you see. Now if I could only branch out into other styles of prose besides “Lists”. If you have any faves that you think I should have included, please enlighten me.