Monday, May 14, 2007

Michelob Ultra Open – Epilogue

By shooting a 68 to get into Sunday’s playoff, Suzann Pettersen was one of only five players to break par in the final round. Se Ri Pak and Sun Young Yoo were the only players to not record a round over par all week.

I jinxed Lorena Ochoa in one of the comments this week by saying “you can bank on” her finishing Top 10. She finished T20, only the second time this year she hasn’t been in the Top 10. Darts and Ouiji boards aren’t helping my predictions – what should I try next, Magic 8-Ball? “Don’t Count On It”.

I’m sure Suzann Pettersen is a very nice person, but her communications skills could use a little work. Her English is great, but her tone during an interview at 18 waiting for the last group to finish was…rather snotty. Since she’s been in contention a few times this year, I had seen her interviewed before and those exchanges were similar.

Until the final round, I thought the entire ESPN announcing crew did a bang-up job. Then Andy North tried three times (and failed) to pronounce “Miyazato” and once called the eventual winner “Peterson”. Jane Crafter slipped up a couple of times, too. All was forgiven when they aired that Fab commercial that Judy Rankin did back in the ‘70s. Lemon-Fresh Borax is awesome!

For Mother’s Day, they did a nice segment on Julieta Granada and Silvia Cavalleri with their caddying moms. Silvia’s mom said she gets paid in espresso. Sometimes.

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