Monday, May 14, 2007

Futures Tour Rankings – May 2007

The Duramed Futures Tour has played six of its scheduled 19 events of 2007. No event was played last weekend (they give these young ladies Mother’s Day off?) so the break gives me the opportunity to present my first Futures Tour player rankings. I’ll list the Top 10 and make comments afterwards. I used the same rating method as I use for the LPGA except for an adjustment in the scoring average scale (due to higher averages) and a slightly different money list scale (only down to 30th place instead of 40th).

1. Allison Fouch
2. Liz Janangelo
3. Janell Howland
4. Mollie Fankhauser
5. Ha Na Chae
6. Emily Bastel
7. Sarah Martin
8. Mo Martin
9. Kelly Cap
10. Violeta Retamoza

#1 Fouch leads the tour in money, has one win, is second in scoring, hasn’t missed the cut and has finished Top 10 in five out of six events. #2 Janangelo has one win, is third in money and third in scoring, is 3-6 in Top 10s, and hasn’t missed the cut. #3 Howland has one win, is fourth in money, 3-6 in Top10s and missed one cut. Janell posts occasionally at the Waggle Room and inspired me to start posting Futures Tour info. #4 Fankhouser leads in scoring but hasn’t won yet. Lori Atsedes has a win and is sixth in money, but her other stats (mainly scoring average) bring her down to #13.

With no multiple winners yet, the rankings are somewhat bunched together. I plan on updating these rankings in a couple of months and then releasing a final ranking for 2007 after the last tournament in September. This week the Futures Tour will be in Leawood, Kansas for the Mercedes-Benz of Kansas City Championship. I've added a link to the Futures Tour website to my blogroll, so check out the future sometime.

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