Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Annika and Michelle back next week

In an amazing coincidence (yeah right), both Annika Sorenstam and Michelle Wie will make their return from injury at the Ginn Tribute, which starts next Thursday May 31. Something tells me that neither will be much of a factor in that event, but their return is nothing but good for the Tour.


The Constructivist said...

I believe it about Michelle, bt really, do you think Annika is well enough to play? From what I've been reading, she hasn't even been hitting the ball off the fairway yet and only recently was allowed to do full swings. She's such a competitor, I can't imagine her showing up without being ready physically. Why risk her long-ter career for a little media buzz? I don't get it.

Galley said...

I agree.
I really ought to try to catch at least one day of the tourney. I've never been to a pro LPGA event, and it's only about three hours away.

Hound Dog said...

It certainly came to mind that Annika is rushing back to play in the event which bears her name. As I said, I wouldn't expect much of a showing from her. Michelle will probably fare better.

Galley, if you have the chance you should go. I finally went to my first event in Atlanta last year and I'm glad I did since they yanked it off the sked this year. The Corning (even though it's been around forever) is one of those lower-paying events that could likely get wiped out if a big sponsor wants their week on the schedule - see Sybase 2006.