Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Player Rankings update

Back in December I posted a series of yearly player rankings going back to the 2001 season. I recently acquired a copy of an LPGA stat book (printed in 2004) which supplied me with sufficient info to continue my research.

I discovered a couple of omissions from that series of posts - in the
rankings for 2002, I was unaware that both Akiko Fukushima and Dawn Coe-Jones had played well enough to be ranked in the Top 30. Trivial? Perhaps, but I would hate to deny Akiko and Dawn their due recognition. Here is the revised portion of the 2002 rankings:

20. Mhairi McKay
21. Laura Davies
22. Akiko Fukushima
23. Kelli Kuehne
24. Danielle Ammaccapane
25. Janice Moodie
26. Shani Waugh
27. Dawn Coe-Jones
28. Vicki Goetze-Ackerman
29. Candie Kung
30. Michelle Ellis

You should expect to see the next segment of this retro-series - the Top 30 players of 2000 - in a couple of weeks.

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