Saturday, September 06, 2008

Advanced Rating System

At long last! I believe I first mentioned working on an “advanced” system over a year ago. After going through a half-dozen different versions of it, I couldn’t get completely comfortable with any of them. I was trying to work in other stats like GIR and putting and lost sight of what I really wanted the new version to accomplish – to more accurately rate players beyond the Top 30.

One of my readers, Thomas Atkins, sent me an e-mail last week sharing his Top 100 list using a system loosely based on my own. His list prompted me to redirect my focus on merely expanding the scope of my current method (thanks Thomas!). Using the same five categories (scoring average, money list, wins, Top 10% and missed cuts), I doubled the point values available to each and adjusted the scales to include 95-115 players. The positions of the players in my Top 30 come out virtually the same but now the ones from 31 on down to at least 80 appear to also be logically ordered.

I’ll leave my
Top 30 as I presented it last week and give you now the rest of the Top 70:

31. Angela Stanford
32. Candie Kung
33. Juli Inkster
34. Lindsey Wright
35. Nicole Castrale
36. Momoko Ueda
37. Morgan Pressel
38. In-Kyung Kim
39. Teresa Lu
40. Catriona Matthew
41. Minea Blomqvist
42. Leta Lindley
43. Meena Lee
44. Kristy McPherson
45. Jimin Kang
46. Brittany Lang
47. Hee Young Park
48. Giulia Sergas
49. Michele Redman
50. Ai Miyazato
51. Se Ri Pak
52. Sandra Gal
53. Shi Hyun Ahn
54. Marisa Baena
55. Jin Joo Hong
56. Katie Futcher
57. Wendy Ward
58. Natalie Gulbis
59. Michelle Wie
60. Becky Morgan
61. Young Kim
62. Johanna Head
63. Louise Friberg
64. Carin Koch
65. Rachel Hetherington
66. H.J. Choi
67. Russy Gulyanamitta
68. Diana D’Alessio
69. Heather Young
70. Pat Hurst

Surprises include Gulbis being only one position ahead of Wie, Pak not in the Top 50 and Inkster hanging within striking distance of the Top 30.

I chose 70 in deference to the number which makes the cut each week. I’m not sure if I’ll be posting this larger list every month (beg me enough and I might oblige!) but will certainly update it at the end of the year.


The Constructivist said...

Wow, nice job! You may well see me updating my August ranking in light of your update. Thanks for giving me another post idea while we wait for LPGA action to resume!

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