Thursday, August 14, 2008

Annika "happy to be here in Canada"

From yesterday's interviews at

ANNIKA SORENSTAM: Absolutely. Yeah, first of all, I'm happy to be here in Canada. It's been a while since I played in this competition. It's always been the same week as the tournament that I host in Sweden, so unfortunately I haven't been able to come. But this year they were back to back, so I'm very happy to be here.

They were also back-to-back last year. Only in 2006 was her event the same week as Canada. In 2005 they were three weeks apart (Canadian was in mid-July before the Evian-British swing). One out of three qualifies as "always"?

Then later in the interview, Annika doesn't want to get into a Michelle Wie discussion but puts in a dig anyway:

ANNIKA SORENSTAM: You know, I don't know Michelle at all. I don't know her family or her plans or nothing. I'm not involved. I'm not just going to give advice to somebody. She's taking a different route. That's her decision. There's no doubt that she has talent, but it takes a lot more than talent to be successful out here. There is a lot of other great players out here that have patience that have, you know, respect for the game, and that's what it takes.

Somehow I knew that interview in Canada was going to be worth the wait!


The Constructivist said...

"I'm happy to be here, the crowds have been so supportive. I really feel like I think I missed out the last few years not being here."

From her Thursday interview.

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