Saturday, June 28, 2008

U.S. Open update

The second round will resume at 8am EDT with 35 players finishing up. After making the cut (still looks like +4 thanks to the 10-shot rule), the players will start the 3rd round around 11am in threesomes off of both 1 and 10.

You should always check out the interview page at, especially during a major. Here are a couple of Friday's gems from Minea Blomqvist:

Q. This is a crazy question, but I've always heard Swedes say that Finns talk funny. Do you think the Swedes talk funny?
MINEA BLOMQVIST: I always tell a story that why Swedes are so good in the golf, because in golf you need empty mind, and there's nothing going on in their heads, so that's why they play good. (Laughter)
RAND JERRIS: That's now in writing and going out through the Internet around the world.
MINEA BLOMQVIST: Yeah, probably. (Laughter).

Q. Where? Who did you caddie for?
MINEA BLOMQVIST: I caddied for my boyfriend on the Challenge Tour. It's like the Nationwide Tour in Europe.
Q. How did he do?

MINEA BLOMQVIST: I'm perfect caddie, you know I have like two top 10s and as a caddie. So if this doesn't work out, I go for that. But my boyfriend finished 7th. So it was very good.
Q. Did you get eight percent or what?

MINEA BLOMQVIST: Of course, you know. I'm not cheap. (Laughter.
Q. (Inaudible.)

MINEA BLOMQVIST: He played minus four today as well, so. I kind of had that in my mind on the last time I had a birdie putt. R O O P E. K A K K O. Is his name. And you should feel bad for me about this surname because it's not very nice. Kakko means sh-t in Finnish. So it's very close. (Laughter.) So I'm not very happy about that if we going to stay together.
Q. You've just got to keep your maiden name.

MINEA BLOMQVIST: Yeah, probably, I will.
Q. He would take your name, right? Make him take your name?

MINEA BLOMQVIST: You can't do that. Men have to go on with their family, you know. I just have to take it, you know.

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