Sunday, June 08, 2008

LPGA Championship Semi-Live Blogging

Since The Constructivist is out with family and friends today and it IS the final round of a major championship, I decided to fill in on the Semi-Live Blogging front. At least until the TV coverage starts at 4pm EDT.

The final group tees off at 1:25, so they ought to finish between 5:30 and 6. I point this out because that makes it likely that the Golf Channel coverage will be slightly tape-delayed. With their usual Sunday afternoon fare of 30-minute infomercials and other assorted golf product promotion, this would be a prime opportunity for them to jump in an hour early. While I’m not holding my breath, I will check periodically and sound the alarm if they do.

As of 1pm, the only early starters to move past that “six-shots-from-the-leader” barrier are Shi Hyun Ahn (birdies on 1 and 2 to reach -7) and Momoko Ueda (birdie at 1, -7). Mi Hyun Kim just birdied 4, 5 and 6 to get to -6 while Candie Kung has two early birdies to do the same.

A SeoulSisters regular, IceCat, is braving the intense heat and humidity at Bulle Rock this weekend and
has turned in some fine reports – be sure to check them out.

1:30 - Lindsey Wright, Yani Tseng and Ji Young Oh all birdied #1 - the latter is now -8 and the two former are -9. Lorena Ochoa also birdied the first to reach -11, one shot behind Jee Young Lee. Jimin Jeong birdied 2 and 3 to reach -8.

1:40 - The last group is through 1 with three different results. Birdie for Annika Sorenstam, par for Maria Hjorth and bogey for Jee Young Lee. All three are tied with Ochoa for the lead at -11.

1:50 - Laura Diaz birdied 2 and is now -9, tied with Tseng two shots behind. Wright bogeyed 3 and is now three back at -8 with Jeong and Oh.

2:00 - Tseng birdied 3 to move to -10 and only one out of the lead. Brittany Lang bogeyed 3 to fall to -7. Ahn birdied 6 (three birdies so far today) to reach -8.

2:30 - Jeong and Oh both bogeyed 5 and drop to -7. Paula Creamer just birdied 8, 9 and 10 to reach -7 (only four shots back). The board looks like this at the moment:
-11 Ochoa 4
-11 Lee 3
-11 Hjorth 3
-11 Sorenstam 3
-10 Tseng 4
-9 Diaz 4
-8 Ahn 7
-8 Wright 4
-7 five players

2:40 - Hjorth birdies 4 while Lee bogeys it. Maria at -12 up by one over Ochoa and Sorenstam, two over Lee and Tseng. Check that - Tseng just birdied 5 to reach -11 and tie for second.

2:50 - Ahn dropped her fourth birdie of the day at #8 to go to -9. Creamer just dropped her fourth in a row to reach -8 and Kelli Kuehne joins her at -8 with a birdie at 8.

2:55 - Sorenstam birdied 5 and took the lead as Hjorth bogeyed. Lee suffered her third bogey of the day at 5 and falls to -9. Jelly has lost four shots to par at #5 this week - double-bogey yesterday, bogeys today and Friday.

3:10 - GC is showing another fitness product infomercial so here goes another hour of semi-live blogging. This is actually kind of enjoyable - I may have to do this more often! Lee stopped the bleeding at 6 with a birdie to climb back to -10.

3:25 - Hjorth birdied 7 to tie Sorenstam for the lead at -12.

3:35 - Tseng birdied 8 (fourth in eight holes) to create a three-way tie for the lead. Diaz also birdied 8 to move to -10 and only two shots behind.

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