Monday, May 05, 2008

SemGroup final round highlights

At 13, Paula Creamer and Juli Inkster vent some frustration while Lorena Ochoa plays a good bunker shot at 15.

Creamer birdies 14 to take a two-shot lead with four to play.

The Shot of the Day - Jamie Hullett hits the pin at 15, with canine accompaniment.

Inkster birdies 18 to give herself a playoff chance.

Paula misses her par putt to win in regulation.

Creamer misses for birdie to win on the first playoff hole.

The winning putt and interview.


svenson said...

Nice coverage. Can Angela Stanford ever win again? Seems like she's never far from the leaderboard. Needs more putts to drop!

Hound Dog said...

I find myself rooting for Angela a lot. She's in the Top 10 nearly half the time although she isn't often actually in contention. I naturally sympathize with players who seem to have "winner's block".

Svenson, I noticed your comment last week on my old Stat System post and plan on revisiting that topic soon.

firstbase31 said...

Great stuff...keep up the good work. Could you post a video of Jamie Hullett's birdie putt on 14? Its not often she gets any air time. I would greatly appreciate it.

firstbase31 said...

oops....birdie on 15..

Hound Dog said...

FB - if I have that putt, I will put it up. I cut commercials while I'm watching the coverage and one time Sunday I forgot to restart it and missed Hullett's tee shot. I only got it when ESPN chose it as SOTD. I can't remember if I got the putt or not (I don't list it in my notes).