Wednesday, May 28, 2008

More Wed Pro-am

Having a little trouble adding to my first post, so here's a new one.

Don't know if Ochoa is out of the event, but would assume so.

One of the hole supers told me that an alligator decided to block the cart path yesterday as Grace Park was practicing. Word is she escaped without incident. Grace, that is.

The forecast was about ten degrees too low. It has to be 90 today. Much water being consumed - the rum bottle is calling me, though.

UPDATE: Left the course about 3pm. Most of the players had left and the scene at the putting green was sparse. Back to the condo and that rum bottle. The wireless is still toast but if I go out on the back deck, I get three bars and no interruption.

Ochoa is no longer listed in the field at Morgan Pressel also did not make her scheduled pro-am appearance (Carin Koch replaced her) but she is still in the field. Since I picked Lorena to win, I'll replace her with Annika as my choice to win, with Christina Kim and Paula Creamer as CYAs.

I mentioned the rough as being thick this morning - it had to be at least a couple of inches deep where I could get close enough to tell. Better keep 'em in the fairway, ladies.

They're calling for thunderstorms tonight with a 40% chance of rain tomorrow (presumably early). I'll be out there unless I see lightning.


diane said...

This is great, HD. Perhaps you should consider quitting your day job then spend the season real-time blogging from all the exotic places the LPGA visits.

Hound Dog said...

If that were only possible, Diane! Maybe when the Tour gets that big TV contract finalized, they'll have enough cash to pay me to do that!

diane said...

They could use some of that cash for your 'Total Driving' stats as well, huh?

Anyway, have a great time out there today. Following tour players isn't a bad way to spend a day, whether it's raining or not.