Thursday, May 29, 2008

Ginn Tribute Thursday

It's been raining lightly since we got up this morning, so I haven't ventured out yet. It's cleared up a couple of times but started up again each time. I'm definitely going, just not sure what time yet.

As shows, the first groups went off on time and are still progressing as of 9:30. Hopefully I'll be updating from the course in a couple of hours.

3pm - got on the course at 1;30 (had to eat lunch first right?). Got to 16 green just in time to see Grace getting a ruling. She had played the wrong ball on her second shot (2 strokes) so she had to go back and find her original ball (which she did) and wound up taking triple-bogey 8. Not the first thing I wanted to see today.

545pm - my legs gave out on me after only three hours. My training program leading into this event must not have been strenuous enough. Back at the condo now but a few observations:

More info on the Grace incident - apparently she had lost a ball on 16 during her practice round (Tues or Wed) in almost the same spot she played her tee shot today. She mistakenly played the old ball and realized it was the wrong one when she got to it near the green. I gathered this info from several spectators who were there from the beginning.

When we first arrived on site, I spied Dina Ammaccapane on the range and introduced myself to Larry. The pictures he's posted of himself come nowhere near depicting the actual depth of his suntan.

I don't recall Brittany Lincicome's exact score when we saw her finishing up on 18 but she was maybe -1 or even. She's listed as DQ'd now - another scorecard casualty?

The rough was mowed much lower today than for the pro-am. Probably about an inch high. We got drizzled on for only a few minutes and the wind was almost non-existent. The great scores this afternoon make sense given those facts.

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