Monday, May 26, 2008

Corning Classic – Epilogue

Leta Lindley’s first career victory came in her 295th start. It was her 33rd Top 10 (second of 2008) for an 11.2 percentage, including two second-place finishes and four thirds. She has missed 91 cuts, a percentage of 30.8. I don’t have my chart with me but by looking at the numbers from my post of four months ago, Leta does NOT go onto the Fluke Victories chart. She has about twice as many Top 10s per start as the ones at the bottom of the list. I’d say she does warrant this week’s Big Surprise Award, though.

The average round at Corning took 72.99 strokes, just a sliver above 2005 but 1.5 strokes higher than last year. The cold and windy weather the first two days certainly contributed to that rise.

I didn’t mention Song-Hee Kim in my recap yesterday because she didn’t get close enough to the lead, but her T6 was her fifth straight Top 20 finish (three Top 10s in the stretch). She’s my early dark-horse candidate to win the LPGA Championship.

Angela Stanford is one of the steadiest players on Tour, so this item is a weird one. For the second time this year Angela teed it up in one of the weaker fields, and for the second time she missed the cut. Just like at the MasterCard. Go figure. Yes, Stanford is this week’s Big Disappointment.

While I continue to struggle with my weekly picks,
The Constructivist won this week’s PakPicker competition. My misery was loving his company but now I don’t even have that to console myself. What’s a down-and-out prognosticator to do? Congrats, TC!


The Constructivist said...

Thanks, man! I expect you to break through any week now. We're approaching statistical significance in terms of rounds played, so things should get clearer in the middle part of the season. Not that they were this week--I just got totally lucky!

One thing I wasn't lucky on, though, was not picking Stanford. She's never played that course well.

I totally agree with you on Kim. Looks like she has a game made for majors, at least based on the past two months....

Wondering when Seon Hwa Lee will finally turn this season around, too!

Anonymous said...

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svenson said...

Glad to see Michelle McGann collect some pocket change at Corning; it's been a long time coming.