Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Senorita Slam?

It is way WAY too early to be talking about a Lorena Ochoa Grand Slam. It’s even too early to be talking about her possibility of claiming all four major titles simultaneously. The odds of her winning both of the remaining events are very long, even if she does maintain her current level of play for two months (which isn’t likely).

What I want to talk about is, what would you CALL it? The “Tiger Slam” is a terrific name, of course, but the “Ochoa Slam” doesn’t quite have that ring to it. I’m sure I’ll have the need to refer to it in the near future, so I’m calling on all of you to submit your ideas in the comments for what we should call the achievement should Lorena win the LPGA Championship and the US Open. Then I’ll try to put up one of those new-fangled poll things and let you vote on which is best.

Don’t be shy – no suggestion is too stupid!


diane said...

Lorena is not the only native Spanish speaker on tour, but I really like "Senorita Slam." I'd like to think that if you hadn't thought of it, I would have. Please include it in your poll.

Bill Roberts said...

How about “The Arriba Slam” or “The Aztec Slam”.

At first glance at the Corona Championship entry list, it looked more like the final round of qualifying school. Actually 33 of the 37 conditional members made it into the field. I was disappointed that May Wood-Fredricson was not on the list. It looks like a no brainer to pick Lorena to win and Sophie Gustafson to challenge.

Sergio said...

Lorena's fans sing this song that goes something like: Loree, Lore, Lore, Lore, Loree... (with the same tone as the Europeans sing in soccer matches.. so how about "Lore-Slam"?

ps. There are other native Spanish speakers in the LPGA, in fact there is another Mexican, Violeta Retamoza (who finished last at the Safeway International).. as you can see we got it all :-) !!

The Constructivist said...

I think Lore-slam has a better ring to it than Arriba Slam (which brings to mind Speedy Gonzalez) except that for non-Spanish speakers figuring out how to pronounce it might be tough. How about La Slam 8A?