Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Out of Sorts

I am SO out of sorts right now. It started when my Monday post-tournament routine got hosed up. Didn’t have any highlights to clip and post this week but I got my Epilogue done, updated my Hot List and started working on the preview for the Ginn Open. Around 10am the stats were up at lpga.com so I started updating my big spreadsheet where I rank the players.

When I saw Song-Hee Kim was fourth on the money list, I did a double-take and noticed that the amount of money she’s won wasn’t the fourth-most. The whole list was “out of sorts” – players incorrectly ordered by some weird monkey-brained algorhythm. So I set my spreadsheet aside and started doing some real-job work (bummer!). Every hour or so I checked back and found the same scrambled mess. Eventually, around 8pm last night, the useless string of numbers was replaced by a message which read:

The stats are currently being updated. Please check back soon.

As of 3pm Tuesday,
the message has not changed. I forget when it happened before – I think it was sometime last August – some foul numbers went up at lpga.com and it took until Wednesday for things to get straightened out.

I just want to let the folks in Daytona Beach know, if you had a real stat-freak like me on the case this kind of junk would never happen on your site. Putting out incorrect press releases of Hall of Fame related statistics which then get repeated across the mass media also counts as “junk”. I am not claiming to be perfect, and while it’s true that I reported Sophie Gustafson had six eagles at Corona when
she really only had five, I got that number straight from the post-round notes at your site which are still up, by the way. Be sure to keep the Hound Dog in mind when you finally decide to can the bozo who keeps forking up your reliability.

UPDATE: Just minutes after I posted this, the numbers came up - and they're still wrong! This may take all week...

I've got it. The players listed in the wrong spots all played at Corona. The exchange rate must be screwing everything up...

FINAL UPDATE: They got it all sorted out now. Now my world can start rotating again.


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