Friday, March 14, 2008

Louise Friberg

I've added Louise Friberg's website to my Golf links section. She's moving into my "Favorite Players" territory for the simple reason that she actually updates her diary on the site every few days and gives a little more of that "inside the ropes" information that us outsiders rarely receive.

Yesterday's tidbit - Louise and her caddy figured out that due to the thin air, they need to downgrade the yardage by 13% (most players figure only 10%) to plan her approach shots. I hope they have a calculator for those times they aren't exactly 100 yards away!

In other entries Louise has talked about being a rookie, going through extended airport security checks and other stuff a professional golfer deals with on a regular basis. If only more players would let us in on their stories... Thanks Lollo!


Bill Roberts said...

Thanks for the tip on L. Friberg’s site I just added it to my favorites.
Great post yesterday on the Ex Tournaments. You are still the Hemmingway of ladies golf in America.

BOB said...

Louise have been my favorite since 3 year, she is a player with a lot of energy and focused on golf.
She is a potential player and will be comming more and more on the LPGA tour.Playing with Roxor golf-sunglasses.

Anonymous said...