Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Video Test

I'm planning on posting clips of tournament action this year, so this is my initial effort. This is Hyun Ju Shin's missed putt on the last hole at the ANZ Ladies Masters. Let me know what you think about the quality/speed of download, stuff like that. Apologies for the closed captioning.


Galley said...

I welcome all the video highlights you can post, since I recently cancelled my DirecTV service.

Stephen said...

HD, Since you sound like you really want some feedback on this, I'll come out of my cave as a long term lurker and tell you it's great on all counts: video, audio, size. I just hope you never get the idea that we read your posts for the video. It is your insight and analysis which keeps us all coming back. Keep up the good work.

Hound Dog said...

I love it when lurkers come out! Don't worry Steve, the writing remains the same.

I knew a lot of people out there don't have access to TGC and since the vast majority of coverage originates there, I figured I could earn some brownie points posting clips.