Monday, December 03, 2007

Q-School results

Jane Park (one of my personal faves and early pick for 2008 ROY) tops the list of 17 players to earn full exempt status at the LPGA Final Qualifying Tournament. The full results are here but other players of note who gained exemption include Kelli Kuehne, Hee Young Park, Sarah Kemp (see for more on Sarah!), Louise Friberg (Lynyrd Skynyrd Memorial champion!) and Futures Tour alum Liz Janangelo.

36 players earned conditional status for 2008. The non-exempt players who should be able to make a sizeable number of fields next year include Anna Rawson, Ashleigh Simon, Taylor Leon, Song Hee Kim and Virada Nirapathpongporn. Less likely to make most fields are Tracy Hanson, Lisa Fernandes, Jeanne Cho-Hunicke, Michelle Ellis and Brandi Jackson.

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