Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Q-School starts tomorrow!

Other blogs have already been talking about this, but I thought I’d mention that Q-School – officially the LPGA Final Qualifying Tournament – begins tomorrow in Daytona Beach. 137 players will compete over the first four days, playing two rounds at each of the two courses at LPGA International. The top 70 players plus ties will advance to Sunday’s final round, where the first 17 places will earn full-exempt status for 2008. The next 35 players plus ties will receive non-exempt status.

In case you think this kind of stuff is passé, remember that Rookie of the Year Angela Park qualified through this event last year.
Who will launch their LPGA careers this week? Jane Park? Nikki Garrett? Celeste Troche? Who will jump-start their stalled-out careers? Kelli Kuehne? Audra Burks? Hana Kim? Stay tuned…

I’ll try to work updates in between player profiles.

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Bill Roberts said...

I just jotted a few names down after viewing the entry list.
Anna Rawson, Amie Cochran, Yani Tsenng and glamour girl Nikki Garrett. The ladies are getting bigger, stronger and better, this could be the year that turns out some of the best rookies in past years.