Monday, October 22, 2007

Hana Bank – KOLON Epilogue

The Korean LPGA event has been played in cold conditions several times before, but that alone didn’t cancel the event. Last weekend a monsoon dumped over 20 inches of rain on the area and the resulting flooding damaged a large number of greens. After the monsoon, the freezing weather killed even more grass while the high winds quickly dried out the ground. By Sunday morning, players were having trouble keeping the ball from rolling on the greens – after re-marking, the wind and/or slope would start it tumbling. LPGA officials believed that conditions wouldn’t be any better on Monday, so cancellation was chosen over postponement.

Next time somebody wants to discuss scoring averages and tells me weather doesn’t have much to do with it, I’m going to quote these numbers: 75.783 was the average score over the two rounds at Mauna Ocean G&R. That’s nearly 2.5 strokes higher than at the same venue 12 months ago, when the temperature was in the 60s. It was NOT the highest average over the last two seasons, however – the British Open at St. Andrews averaged 76.011.

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