Saturday, September 15, 2007

Solheim Saturday – Suspended

As expected, the afternoon four-ball matches were suspended due to darkness at 7:15pm local time (1:15 pm EDT). Play will resume at 7am Sunday morning (1am EDT) with TV coverage on TGC scheduled to air beginning at 2am EDT.

Team Europe leads three of the matches with the fourth one all-square:

Creamer/Lincicome down 1 to Wessberg/Hjorth (thru 11)
Inkster/Prammanasudh AS with Johnson/Tinning (thru 10)
Gulbis/Castrale down 1 to Brewerton/Davies (thru 10)
Kerr/Pressel down 1 to Sorenstam/Pettersen (thru 9)

I might have to get up even earlier tomorrow than the 5:45 I managed this morning. If I can tear myself away from tonight’s college football games at a reasonable hour, that is.

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