Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Clubhouse Changing Room

Hopefully the R&A saw this pre-tournament interview of Janice Moodie. I doubt they ever expected their precious clubhouse would get used this way! Bravo Mommies!

Q. Have you had any unusual experiences in the clubhouse?
JANICE MOODIE: I changed my babies diaper in the clubhouse. I would be lying if I didn't say it was a stinky one. I used the towel and I was very respectful and, you know, the whole place is just great, just the general energy is wonderful.
Q. Where about was this?

JANICE MOODIE: No, this is in the locker room it might have been, it might have been.
Q. Were you nervous about doing it?

JANICE MOODIE: I was actually. Yeah, it was either the car or the R&A clubhouse. The R&A clubhouse floor with a towel on it, and I was very respectful. No, I just did it. It was in the player's locker room, so I thought I was okay.
Q. Does you baby have a pass?

JANICE MOODIE: No, that's a good question. He's about the only person that doesn't need a pass. All babies can invade the R&A clubhouse. There's a lot of them, Catriona was in with her little one, Cooper Diaz is over here; so I'm sure that we have a lot of in the R&A.
Q. Is there a crèche here?

JANICE MOODIE: There might be. I have my nanny looking after them.
Q. Was it a disposable nappy?

JANICE MOODIE: It was not biodegradable.

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The Constructivist said...

Great find! Another reason why the LPGA is more fun than the PGA--better interviews.