Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Speaking English on Tour

Thanks to CR250 at for pointing out this blog entry by Futures Tour player Gina Umeck. It offers an interesting perspective on "why those durn Asians cain't learn ta speak English if they wanna play over here".

Seriously, it's a very thoughtful article which deserves your attention.


Bill Roberts said...

Hey Hound Dog
I check into your blog many times ,this is my first comment/question.
Ashley Hoagland a non exempt LPGA member played in the Sybase Clasic on May 12/07 missed the cut. Since then she has fallen off the radar screen. Do you have any idea what happened to her?
Thanks. Bill

Hound Dog said...

Hi Bill!

Not much luck with the Ashley search. No mention on the Futures or LET sites. Ashley's own web site hasn't been updated since the start of '07. She hasn't been in any LPGA field since the Michelob (she wasn't at Sybase) nor has she been an alternate. Unless she's been in Japan or Korea (I can't read their websites - I am mono-lingual!), not even Google can find her.

I'll keep an eye out for her.