Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Another Mickelson

Despite what you might think, I was NOT writing under the influence Saturday evening. In my summary of Saturday’s third round of the Ginn Open, I mentioned that one of the CBS on-course commentators was Lisa Mickelson and I had never heard of her before. Well, actually her name is Tina.

I imagine more than a couple of you chuckled at my ignorance when you read that line at the end of Saturday’s post. Mickelson isn’t the most common of family names, and the odds of two individuals in the golfing community sharing that name and being unrelated must be rather long. A couple of Google searches revealed that Tina is Phil’s sister. She was employed by The Golf Channel as an analyst as early as 2004 – I found an article from that year which mentions that fact – and she probably still is, for all I know. Maybe she’s been doing Nationwide or Champions Tour coverage; if she’s been on LPGA telecasts, I’ve missed it.

I’ll try to remember this incident if I ever come across another Inkster, Gulbis or Nicklaus in the future. By the way, did you know Phil’s wife is named Amy?

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