Wednesday, December 20, 2006

2001 Player Rankings

I managed to scrape together enough info from to compile a list for 2001. This will definitely be the last season I go back to do unless I can find another stat source.

2001 is the only season I’ve researched so far that had two players score higher than 90. Annika Sorenstam rolled up her typical 99 points while Se Ri Pak managed a 92. Pak just missed in 2002 and Karrie Webb came up just short in 2006 when they both totaled 89. If Webb had managed one more victory in 2001, there would have been three players with 90+ that year! As you might have guessed, these three split the four majors in 2001. Webb took home the US Open and LPGA Championship, while Sorenstam won the Nabisco and Pak won the British.

The Top 30 Players of 2001:

1. Annika Sorenstam
2. Se Ri Pak
3. Karrie Webb
4. Rosie Jones
5. Lorie Kane
6. Mi Hyun Kim
7. Dottie Pepper
8. Laura Diaz
9. Wendy Ward
10. Catriona Matthew
11. Meg Mallon
12. Dorothy Delasin
13. Michele Redman
14. Janice Moodie
15. Rachel Teske (Heatherington)
16. Kelly Robbins
17. Maria Hjorth
18. Sophie Gustafson
19. Juli Inkster
20. Emilee Klein
21. Pat Hurst
22. Laura Davies
23. Nancy Scranton
24. Mhairi McKay
25. Carin Koch
26. Vicki Goetze-Ackerman
27. Brandie Burton
28. Patricia Meunier-Lebouc
29. Grace Park
30. Kris Tschetter

Retro Hound Dog Awards:
Player Of The Year – Annika Sorenstam
Rookie Of The Year – Patricia Meunier-Lebouc
Fluke Victory Of The Year – Tina Fischer

Ah, our first ROY discrepancy! My system says it wasn’t even close (Meunier-Lebouc 25, Han 8). I assume they picked Hee-Won Han because there probably is a minimum number of starts to qualify, as PML only had 13 while Han started 24. If that’s the case, then so be it. But just look at their stats side-by-side and tell me who was the better player:

PML – 13 starts, 12 cuts made, 2 Top 10s, 82nd in money, 71.53 scoring
HWH – 24 starts, 18 cuts made, 1 Top 10, 70th in money, 71.91 scoring

Looks like a slam dunk to me. I can’t wait to find my first Player Of The Year injustice!

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