Monday, October 02, 2006

Top 90 Update

The final full field event of the 2006 season is upon us (the Corona Morelia Championship) and that means the players who are in the Top 90 of the money list after this week will be exempt for 2007, meaning they can pick which tournaments they play and don’t have to go through any pre-tournament qualifying or Q-School. Here are the players on the bubble and their current status:

Mikaela Parmlid finished T16 at Longs and is now #83 on the list, $17,000 ahead of #91. She’s a lock to make it. Jamie Hullett finished T42 to stay at #85, $7000 ahead of #91. #86 Dorothy Delasin moved herself all the way up from “Nervous” by finishing T27. She’s now $6600 ahead of #91. She would have to get passed by five players – not very likely.

#87 Janice Moodie – still out on maternity leave – will be out if four players pass her. Last week, four players passed her. She’s $5500 clear. #88 Beth Bader is $4700 up on #91 and really needs to make this week’s cut.

#89 Jackie Gallagher-Smith made a little money last week but still dropped one spot. She’s only $2800 ahead of #91. #90 Alena Sharp moved up from “Losing Sleep” by finishing T33 and is now on the cut line $767 ahead of #91.

#91 and 92 would be in the “Nervous” category except for one thing – they aren’t entered in this week’s tournament! Unless Mhairi McKay and Nadina Light get into this event and at least make the cut, they’ll be going to Q-School. That would really be a shame for Nadina – she earned $10,000 by finishing T25 at Longs, putting her within $856 of 90th. To fall just short by not getting into the last event would be cruel.

#93 Johanna Head missed the cut last week and needs to make over $7000 to catch #90 (30th place or better should be worth that). #94 Vicki Goetze-Ackerman made very little last week and still needs $10,000 to catch #90 (around 25th place).

#95 (Yu Ping Lin) through #99 (Veronica Zorzi) all need a Top 20 finish to have a chance to make it. #100 Minea Blomqvst, #101 Teresa Lu and #103 Siew-Ai Lim all need a Top 10.

#107 on down.

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