Monday, October 09, 2006

Top 90 Results

With the conclusion of the Corona Morelia Championship, the current top 90 players on the ADT Money List are fully exempt for the 2007 LPGA season. There was a small amount of place swapping on the final weekend. Here is who made it:

83 Mikaela Parmlid
84 Beth Bader
85 Dorothy Delasin
86 Jimin Kang (was already exempt)
87 Jamie Hullett
88 Jackie Gallagher-Smith
89 Johanna Head
90 Janice Moodie $92,703

By a margin of $814, Janice Moodie held onto the final spot despite not playing a single event after June 4. Her T9 at the Ginn in April was worth $50,000 – the primary reason she made the cut. You had it made all the way, Janice! So the four players in my “Apprehensive” category two weeks ago all made it. Jackie Gallagher-Smith and Dorothy Delasin were “Nervous” but both closed out well enough to get it done. Johanna Head was “Losing Sleep” two weeks ago and after missing the Longs cut was “Sweating Bullets”. She saved herself by finishing T16 at Corona.

Now for the unfortunates:

91 Alena Sharp $91,889
92 Mhairi McKay
93 Nadina Light
94 Vicki Goetze-Ackerman
95 Kelli Kuehne
96 Michelle Ellis
97 Kris Tschetter
98 Yu Ping Lin
99 Teresa Lu
100 Minea Blomqvist
101 Veronica Zorzi
102 Ji Yeon Lee
103 Eva Dahllof
104 Dina Ammaccapane

Alena Sharp was “Losing Sleep” until she moved up to #90 last week. When she made the cut at Corona she was -3 and looking to lock up her spot. Then she carded back-to-back 75s to finish T45, allowing Johanna Head to earn $8700 more than her and drop her back to #91. If Sharp had managed to save two strokes somewhere over the four days, she would have bumped Janice Moodie. I’ve already posted too many words on McKay and Light. Goetze-Ackerman made the cut at both tournaments but didn’t crack the Top 40 at either. Kuehne made a great run (T13 and T5) but by starting from position #128, she had too far to go. Teresa Lu moved up five spots over the last two weeks, but that too wasn’t enough.

So my predictions didn’t turn out very well. I said that three players at #91 or higher would jump into the Top 90, bumping three players out. The end result was that only Johanna Head (#91 two weeks ago) replaced Mhairi McKay (#87 two weeks ago). Other than McKay the players who were in front managed to improve their totals and force the Outsiders into needing higher finishes, which they were unable to attain.

The Outsiders will get another chance to earn an exemption at the Final Qualifying Tournament, which begins November 29 at Daytona Beach, Fla.

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